The strengths of Gruppo Tecnocasa

The strengths of franchising networks


Local presence:

the localized penetration of real estate agencies partitioned in mutually-exclusive zones helps operators cultivate an in-depth knowledge based on objective data about supply, demand and the actual turnover in their local real estate market.  Nationwide coverage provides an added level of support when, for instance, timing and resources related to one transaction are dependent on other transactions elsewhere in Italy.
Working in tandem with the real estate intermediation networks, Kiron and Epicas are credit mediators that offer a range of personalized products for the client, greatly simplifying the acquisition of personalized loans and other products.


Trademark reputation:

Tecnocasa franchising provides its own internal professional training and development program, which is mandatory for agents opening new real estate and credit mediator agencies.  Younger professionals receive years of continued support from more experienced affiliates, and the consulting staff coordinates a rigorous training process to address every aspect of the real estate and credit consulting professions.



the Operational Manuals sum up more than 20 years of experience in the real estate and credit mediator sectors, detailing the working methods, professional guidelines and documentation used to assist property buyers, sellers and whoever may call the on credit mediator consulting services of Tecnocasa.


Information sharing:

is a cardinal point of this business method.  All members of the Tecnocasa group are interconnected by a computerized network that facilitates the continuous exchange of information.  When buy or rent requests are shared among neighboring real estate intermediation agencies, these connections multiply the chances of finding the right property for the client.  Specially-designed management software coupled with focused training and consulting support ensures that personal data is handled responsibly and in full compliance with the laws on privacy.  
The Tecnocasa Database handles approximately 950 thousand residential real estate requests and 34 thousand industrial and commercial property requests.


 Tecnocasa Group Training School:

exclusive know-how is transferred to agents in the network through an established Training School that offers technical, commercial and methodological courses.  The Tecnocasa Group School works in close contact with the company’s Consulting department to bolster the capabilities of the franchised real estate and credit mediatoragencies and improve the efficiency of client services.




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